Surrey Ante and Post Natal Swimming

Swimming during pregnancy is one of the best forms of exercise you can do offering a relatively weightless environment which helps prevent injury whilst working out the large muscle groups and cardio-vascular system. Other benefits include maintaining maternal aerobic capacity as well of a sense of well being.

Early on in the pregnancy there is no stroke that is preferable but by the third trimester there is some evidence to suggest that breaststroke will be particularly beneficial as it strengthens the chest muscles and shortens the back muscle promoting good alignment. Later backstroke is probably not such a good idea as the baby pushes back on the main blood vessels.

Provided that there are no problems at your regular ante-natal checks and there are no contraindications to pursuing your training regime then swimming will be ideal for you. But obviously if these develop at any stage then you will have to check with your doctor/midwife whether it is safe to swim. Serious competition and flat out effort are best avoided but you can still enjoy a really good aerobic training work out.

Remember to always check with your GP before embarking upon or making changes to your exercise programme. Make sure you make the coach aware of your pregnancy / post natal period and any other medical conditions and keep them updated as you progress through the trimesters.

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The progress my son has made is phenomenal and both my husband and I are thrilled. The level of the teaching is brilliant and aimed exactly at the right level and the rapport that the teacher has with my son is fantastic. My son looks forward to his lesson each week and packing his swim bag is the first thing he does on a Sunday night .... his lesson isn't until Wednesday ........ can't wait to start my 3 year old and 1 year old.
Anita Gillett
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