5 ★ Swimming Lessons in 5 ★ Facilities

Throughout the UK, almost 12 million people of all ages and abilities enjoy swimming regularly, whether for fun, fitness or competition. Learning to swim is one of the most important skills a person can develop.

Not only is swimming the only sport that is an essential life skill, but by learning to swim you open up doors to a whole host of water-based activities and exciting sports.

Our aim is to teach each individuals the fundamentals of Swimming, following a structured programme in a non-competitive, fun environment, safely.

Swim Safe School has over 15 years experience in teaching children and adults to swim. All teachers are qualified through the Amateur Swimming Association and members of the Institute of Swimming.

We offer swimming lessons in Surrey at the Cranleigh Golf & Country Club and at the Duke of Kent School

I have been extremely impressed with the high standards of teaching at Swim Safe School. Darren really makes an effort to get to know all of the children and ensures they achieve their full potential at every lesson whilst maintaining a sense of fun. My 3 children actively look forward to their lessons each week and have made enormous progress in the year since they joined the school.
Louise Beach
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Swim safe school now offering saturday morning swimming lessons at Duke of Kent School with:

  • Smaller Groups than your local leisure center
  • Group classes max 6 pupils
  • 1-1 Classes
  • Deep Water Training
  • Swim Club Session Training

  • Adult & Baby swimming lessons

    Adult & Baby - 4 months to 2 years old

    A fun class with nursery rhymes and play activities aimed at increasing the baby’s water confidence. It also teaches safe handling of babies in the water.

    Adult & Toddler

    Classes are more structured, developing water skills and preparing children for formal classes.

  • Swim a Song Programme

    A fun, innovative and effective programme of introducing babies and young children, accompanied by an adult into the exciting world of aquatics with the tool of nursery rhymes.

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  • Beginners 1 - 5 years and over
    Maximum ratio: 4 children: 1 teacher

    Designed for beginners one level children (as per above) who have particular confidence issues and are likely to benefit from more intense work in the water, a reduced ratio and a support teacher in the water. These classes are available on an on-going basis, but with the development of strokes and confidence, children are encouraged to progress into Beginners 2 classes.

    Group Classes
    Maximum ratio: 6 children: 1 teacher

    Ducks Stage 1

    This is the first stage of our learn to swim programme. We will concentrate on water confidence and instilling a love of the water through games and play whilst teaching the foundations of swimming without our swimmers knowing it! By the end of this stage swimmers will be confident in the water, able to propel themselves in a variety of directions and jump in.

    Frog Stage 2

    The great range of equipment we will be using will provide interactive, fun and enjoyable lessons for our swimmers. By the end of this stage swimmers will be able to swim 5 m unaided on their front and back.

    Starfish Stage 3

    The time spent on water confidence and gaining a love of being in the water really comes into its own now. The building blocks to swimming all four competitive strokes begin in Stage 3. By the end of this stage, our swimmers will be able to swim 10 m confidently, demonstrate an understanding of all four strokes and perform a range of skills from Push and Glides, sculling, treading water and picking objects up from the pool floor.

    Fish Stage 4

    Stage 4 will see our swimmers perform three competitive strokes, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Front Crawl over at least 10 m. They will be able to perform 10 m of basic butterfly leg kick and complete a length of sculling. This stage also pregresses the already learnt skills needed for learning to dive. Swimmers completing this stage will now move onto swimming lengths.

    Penguin Stage 5

    Our swimmers on stage 5 will be swimming lengths, we are now honing in on the basic strokes already learnt and turning them into efficient strokes. This is the stage when completed you see a swimmer who can effortlessly swim 25 m plus in all three competitive strokes and 25 m butterfly leg kick with undulation. Water safety although taught in all stages is brought to the fore in Stage 5 with a focus op open water safety skills. Forward and backward rolls are a great fun element within this stage, the beginnings of learning starts and turns.

    Dolphin Stage 6

    Swimmers must now perform all their strokes to the A.S.A Regulations. Within this stage swimmers will be taught to swim quickly, effectively with these laws in mind. Mini polo skills, synchronised swimming skills and obstacle course are all taught within this stage. By the end of this stage we will have a swimmer who's swimming will be not only confident enough but also strong enough to take part in many water based sports. You will see the difference in your child during this stage as their water fitness really starts to improve.

    Whale Stage 7

    Stage 7 sees the introduction to competitive swimming. We begin to teach our swimmers about timed swims, the pace clock and how to efficiently link one stroke to another through use of turns at the pool wall. The skills we ask them to perform are increasingly difficult and stretch their swimming ability whilst at the same time further increasing their confidence and improving their performance. Fitness is an essential part of this stage and swimmers will find their stamina tested, but will have a great sense of achievement after every lesson.

    Shark Stage 8

    sThis is our last stage. Distance swims are done within this stage as are, medley swims, swimming drills and swimming exercises. A swimmer who finishes the Swim Safe programme will have a life skill that will enable them to take part in any water based activity they wish; from swimming for fitness to swimming with dolphins, from canoeing to white water rafting, all these things are possible with the skills and confidence they have gained.

  • Adult Swimming Lessons

    Adult Beginners

    If you are new to the water or need to improve your confidence, our adult beginners classes help develop the skills required to enable stroke development. Teachers assess the needs of each individual participant and their confidence levels, and plan individualised schedules accordingly. Customers are encouraged to chat and socialise, as you need to catch your breath every now and again!

    Adult Stroke Development

    If you are confident in mid-depth water and are keen to develop new strokes or define specific aspects of particular strokes, teachers will be able to offer appropriate practises and drills. For example: developing front crawl breathing, improving breast-stroke kick or learning to dive into deep water.

    Adult Training

    Personal swim training

    Whether you want to get in shape, recover from an injury, learn to swim, improve your technique, or enhance your current training programme, customised swim training sessions could be the answer.

    Personalised/customised training sessions help you by providing structure, variety, motivation, and peace of mind that you're safe - and they’re now available at Cranleigh Green Golf Company and Duke of Kent School.You’ll gain confidence in the water, and get good results in no time.

    What's involved?

    You’ll start with an initial consultation to assess your current level of ability (you may be a complete beginner and need to start with gaining water confidence and balance), discuss any health considerations and define your swimming goals. This gives you an agreed starting point, and also a benchmark against which to measure your progress.

    A good personal training programme is changed regularly, not only for variety, but also to allow for continued progression. It is also flexible - most coaches offer either one-to-one coaching or sessions with partners or friends.

    We have a dedicated swim team, who can meet your needs in terms of time of day, preferred venue and day of the week. In addition, you'll have the chance to keep working with the same instructor or you can mix and match - it's your call!,/p>

    Having a regularly scheduled appointment is great for maintaining your motivation. Not only will you have someone else to report back to, you’ll also be taking part in a structured and realistic programme designed to deliver maximum results in the minimum of time.

    Of course you'll need to practise regularly for the best possible results, but with our help, you'll understand what you need to work on and what support you need.

    Ante/Post Natal swimming Lessons

    Swimming during pregnancy is one of the best forms of exercise you can do offering a relatively weightless environment which helps prevent injury whilst working out the large muscle groups and cardio-vascular system. Other benefits include maintaining maternal aerobic capacity as well of a sense of well being.

    Early on in the pregnancy there is no stroke that is preferable but by the third trimester there is some evidence to suggest that breaststroke will be particularly beneficial as it strengthens the chest muscles and shortens the back muscle promoting good alignment. Later backstroke is probably not such a good idea as the baby pushes back on the main blood vessels.

    Provided that there are no problems at your regular ante-natal checks and there are no contraindications to pursuing your training regime then swimming will be ideal for you. But obviously if these develop at any stage then you will have to check with your doctor/midwife whether it is safe to swim. Serious competition and flat out effort are best avoided but you can still enjoy a really good aerobic training work out.

    Remember to always check with your GP before embarking upon or making changes to your exercise programme. Make sure you make the coach aware of your pregnancy / post natal period and any other medical conditions and keep them updated as you progress through the trimesters.

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The progress my son has made is phenomenal and both my husband and I are thrilled. The level of the teaching is brilliant and aimed exactly at the right level and the rapport that the teacher has with my son is fantastic. My son looks forward to his lesson each week and packing his swim bag is the first thing he does on a Sunday night .... his lesson isn't until Wednesday ........ can't wait to start my 3 year old and 1 year old.
Anita Gillett
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