Adult Training

Adult Training

Personal swim training

Whether you want to get in shape, recover from an injury, learn to swim, improve your technique, or enhance your current training programme, customised swim training sessions could be the answer.

Personalised/customised training sessions help you by providing structure, variety, motivation, and peace of mind that you’re safe – and they’re now available at Cranleigh and Slinfold Gold & Country Club.You’ll gain confidence in the water, and get good results in no time.

What’s involved?

You’ll start with an initial consultation to assess your current level of ability (you may be a complete beginner and need to start with gaining water confidence and balance), discuss any health considerations and define your swimming goals. This gives you an agreed starting point, and also a benchmark against which to measure your progress.

A good personal training programme is changed regularly, not only for variety, but also to allow for continued progression. It is also flexible – most coaches offer either one-to-one coaching or sessions with partners or friends.

We have a dedicated swim team, who can meet your needs in terms of time of day, preferred venue and day of the week. In addition, you’ll have the chance to keep working with the same instructor or you can mix and match – it’s your call!

Having a regularly scheduled appointment is great for maintaining your motivation. Not only will you have someone else to report back to, you’ll also be taking part in a structured and realistic programme designed to deliver maximum results in the minimum of time.

Of course you’ll need to practise regularly for the best possible results, but with our help, you’ll understand what you need to work on and what support you need.

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