Swim Squad

Swim Squad

These classes are designed for children who can already swim but want to focus on improving their strength and technique

Course content

Once your child has achieved Stage 4 in our children’s learn to swim classes (or an equivalent swimming standard) they can join our squad lessons at the Duke of Kent School. As per our learn to swim classes, our course content is organized into stages supported by carefully thought through class structures to ensure your children’s progress. To keep swimmers motivated, once they have passed a swimming stage, or achieved a certain distance, they are awarded with a certificate. Breathing and technique are the key focuses for the squad sessions, as well as building stamina and speed as well as introducing diving of the blocks and tumble turns. Although there is a focus on progression, children are supported to go at their own pace. Some of our children want to compete and we can help them with their training, however many just want to enjoy their swimming, get some exercise and enjoy their time in the water with their friends.

Other points to note

Whilst our classes are meant to be enjoyable, we find children benefit from a firm no-nonsense approach to uphold safety and order in the pool and the focus is on learning to improve.

It’s also worth mentioning to be effective at teaching, we demonstrate movement and physically help our pupils perfect those movements in the pool. This may involve the teacher supporting your child in a hands on way. All of our staff are DBS checked for child protection purposes.

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